We’re Growing! Medicap Opened a New Location in Caldwell

The future is now. 

And we were definitely promised that the future would hold jetpacks as well as flying cars, more leisure time, and infinite youth. Remember all those promises? 

So far, the only one we’ve really gotten close to seeing is the jetpacks. Lackluster jetpacks, at that.  

There definitely seems to be a shortage of leisure time. Saturday errands take several hours, even if you try to get ahead by doing them Friday to skirt the Saturday rush. Sometimes the only answer is cutting corners or finding everything you need closer to home. That’s exactly why we opened another location. 

Today, we’d like to remind our clients of a recent development in our brand here in the Treasure Valley. Earlier this year, we cut the ribbon on a new location in Caldwell. The gleam hasn’t quite worn off yet: everything still sparkles like an ad out of a 1950s magazine, and we’re more than ready to welcome you to our fifth location in the valley.  

Strong Roots in the Treasure Valley Since 2005

We’ve been a part of the health and medical scene in our valley since 2005, and we plan to keep it that way. Under the ownership of Devin Trone, we’ve made it our mission to provide the best support, medications, and service to those in our community.  

As residents of the Valley ourselves, we’re well aware of how distances and traffic eat away at our spare time. So it was with these service-oriented values in mind that we opted to build a new location. 

Our goal has always been to be wherever our patients are. Adding the Caldwell location to the roster means we’re reaching out to you as much as you are reaching out to us. 

 Our Menu of Services Shines 

The list of errands seems to never end. Adding a long drive to pick up your compounded medication is just another headache.

While we make the compounded medications at our Meridian location, you can now pick them up at our new Caldwell location! 

Nevertheless, just like our other locations, we can mail or deliver your specially made medications directly as well. That’s your call, because we’re happy to offer the flexibility of both options to suit the needs of our patients. 

We’re also pleased to offer other services at the Caldwell location, including immunizations and medication synchronization. 

  Get Your Prescriptions Filled in Caldwell

If you’ve previously used one of our other locations for the services we offer, transferring to our Caldwell store is a breeze—just let us know you’d like to transfer and we’ll contact your current pharmacies on your behalf. You can do this by phone, or stop in to check the place out. 

We’re pleased to accept almost all insurances at the Caldwell location, and if you’re tired of long drives, we encourage you to consider switching. 

We look forward to seeing you wherever you choose to pick up your medications, but we’d love to see you in Caldwell! If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and say hello!