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At Medicap Pharmacy, we carry high-quality, medical-clinical grade supplements. These are researched products and a better grade than the common-grade supplements you find at your regular grocery or big box store. Some of these supplements we recommend for drug-induced nutrient depletion, others are great for general health, and some are purely for immune support. 

Nutraceuticals, another name for high-grade supplements, have been around for ages, but the term itself cropped up in the late 80s as a portmanteau of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical. Together these two words indicate what nutraceuticals are—foods or parts of foods that have been identified as having distinct medical benefits. 

These have been called many things over the years, and still today fall under several other terms you might recognize such as phytochemicals, functional foods, and nutritional supplements. Things like B vitamins, multivitamins, protein powders, and even electrolyte powders can all be categorized as nutraceuticals. 

You may be wondering why we would offer or encourage patients to consider nutraceuticals. After all, doesn’t food do enough good for the body? Well, sometimes. First, let’s go into more detail about what a nutraceutical is. 

Turning Up the Dial on What Food Can Do

Powdered supplement

A simple example of a nutraceutical would be an electrolyte mix, such as Gatorade or Pedialyte. The point of these formulated drinks is to help the body replenish electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and calcium) when they’ve been depleted. 

They’re often used by athletes or people who’ve been exercising and sweating. Sweat is more than just water—it contains salt and other electrolytes as well. 

The balance of minerals in the human body is complex. Salt itself helps your body balance its fluids, including that very vital fluid: blood. 

The major organs rely on appropriate levels of different salt forms of many nutrients to remain healthy. When salt is lost through sweating excessively, or in other cases when different salt forms of potassium, for example, are lost through the use of prescription drugs, or when the body is depleted of specific nutrients after a bout of illness that caused great fluid loss, the balance within the body is upset. 

Disrupted electrolyte balances can lead to a variety of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, and muscle cramps. If these sound familiar, it’s because they’re also symptoms of dehydration—the disruption of your electrolyte balances.

Back in the day, a popular way of getting salt back into a body after a long-distance run was drinking pickle juice. That was before drinks like Gatorade existed. 

For the other electrolytes, eating foods rich in calcium and potassium has often been the best answer. Bananas, pineapple, and other tropical fruits are loaded with potassium due to the environment they grow in.  

Nowadays we can turn to a variety of powders and drinks that are high in electrolytes to get your body back in tip-top shape again and functioning as it should. These are especially important to take when the body has been put through a taxing time.

Another prime example of a nutraceutical is a simple B complex vitamin. B vitamins are so important in burning and storing energy.  TBut there is a difference in product source and even what salt the B vitamin is attached to.  What’s more, these vitamins must be in an active form, or converted inside your body to an active form, in order for your body to use it.  Around 30 percent% of people are either slow metabolizers or areor non converters.  B vitamins are so important in burning and storing energy.  So having the B vitamin available in an already-active form can be important. 

With different B vitamin products, there is a difference in product source and even what salt the B vitamin is attached to. What type do you want?  A common grade product or a A supplement that has been researched to be in its best absorbable salt form and pre-converted for your body use is ideal, so you do not have to worry about your genetics and how well it metabolizes and converts B vitamins.?  Therefore, a medical- clinical grade supplement will avoid the issues some people have with common grade products.

Other Classes of Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals include probiotics, super green powders, protein powders, and an array of other supplements you are probably very familiar with including magnesium, fish oils, Vitamin D, and more! Probiotics are meant to help restore the balance of healthy flora in the gut—another important microbiome that can be taxed during illness and through the use of some prescription medications. 

Greens powder mixes are useful during certain medical treatments to enrich the blood and help boost the body’s defenses against illness. 

Protein powders and amino acid powders are a way to increase protein intake to build muscle, and often these powders are fortified with added vitamins and minerals. 

Many prescriptions that we take every day may be helping us, but without us realizing, may also be depleting us of important vitamins and supplements needed for the body to properly function as a whole.

It is important to us at Medicap Pharmacy to be a resource for all our patients’ needs as they navigate health and wellness. When food alone isn’t quick enough or when it’s highly important to focus on a specific target—some of which we’ve discussed—nutraceuticals are a great aid and can help the body improve so that you feel your greatest! You may be doing right by taking certain supplements, but can you be doing better by upgrading to a medical-clinical grade vitamin?  When in doubt, just ask! We’re happy to guide you toward what will work best for you. 

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Let us help you with your new years goals! Click below to take our health questionairre and to schedule an appointment with one of our clinical pharmacists today!
Let us help you with your new years goals! Click below to take our health questionairre and to schedule an appointment with one of our clinical pharmacists today!
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