Standard, mass-produced medications aren’t the best option for everyone. In some circumstances, a patient fares better with something custom-made for them. Thankfully, Medicap Pharmacy owns and operates our own compounding lab. We can customize your prescription to better suit your needs.

Our professional staff will discuss your needs and the available options to make your medication fit you. Find out more about what compound medication is and the top five reasons you may benefit from it.

What is compound medication?

Pharmacy compounding is the science of preparing personalized medications for patients with unique needs. The practice dates to the very beginning of the pharmacy profession and was the standard means of providing prescription medications before pharmaceutical companies started mass production. 

Some commercial medications don’t meet the needs of all patients because they are limited in delivery form and dosage. This is due to conflicts in distribution, storage, stability, and profitability. 

With new technology and techniques, compounding pharmacists can make customized medications to meet the specific needs of their patients. Individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient. 

Our compounding specialists can prepare medications free of problem-causing excipients such as sugar, lactose, dyes, alcohol, or preservatives. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with health care practitioners to create the best medication for each patient.

Why do you need compound medication?

There are a few reasons someone may benefit from compound medications prepared by Medicap Pharmacy experts. 

1. To Customize the Dosage

Many medications are mass-produced by large pharmaceutical companies. They are, therefore, available in the most commonly prescribed sizes and dosages. When your doctor prescribes a medication not available in a standard dosage, your compounding pharmacy can adjust the dosage to the appropriate amount.

For example, if you need 15 mg of a certain drug that is only available commercially at 30 mg, you might try to cut your medication in half at home. This can result in inconsistent dosing or a reduction in the medication’s effectiveness. Medicap Pharmacy can instead prepare your medication so that it comes in the desired form and dosage.

2. To Avoid a Nonessential Ingredient to Which You Are Allergic

Some medications contain nonessential ingredients that many people are allergic to, such as dyes, lactose, or gluten. If you have known allergies, make sure your pharmacist knows so they can evaluate your medication and recommend a change if necessary. Our pharmacists can reformulate your medication without your particular allergen so you can still reap the benefits without unwanted allergic reactions.

3. To Alter the Form of Delivery

The given form of a commercially produced medication may not be convenient for you. Do you have trouble taking pills, or do certain coatings make your medication difficult to swallow? Whatever the reason for needing an alternative, our compounding pharmacy can change the form of your medicine entirely. Depending on the drug, there are a wide variety of forms your medicine can take including pills, drops, powders, and ointments. 

4. To Create Better-Tasting Medicine

Some people, especially children, struggle to take their medicine if it tastes awful. When you are already feeling sick, you may find that the taste of certain medications makes you feel worse. Our pharmacists can formulate your prescription medication so that it tastes better, improving compliance with your doctor’s recommendations. In fact, we’ll even do the same thing for pet medications.

5. To Combine Medications

Doctors may prescribe combined medications which need to be filled at a compounding pharmacy like Medicap. You may also have multiple medications that you regularly take together. Depending on what they are, we may be able to make your life simpler by combining them. Some common examples are topical medications and prescription mouthwash.

For more information

Medicap’s compounding pharmacy can make your life and access to certain medications much easier. If you are unsure whether you need a compound medication, simply ask your pharmacist about your options. Our professional staff can answer all of your questions and are bound by confidentiality. 

Medicap Pharmacy’s compounding lab is licensed and regulated by the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy and is overseen by the FDA. Our pharmacists have extensive training and education to compound medications safely and efficiently.